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Are you An Active-Duty Military Family Currently Residing in the State of Florida? Apply Today For a Florida Empowerment Scholarship.

Are you an active-duty military family currently residing in the State of Florida?

If so, your family is eligible for a Florida Empowerment Award*  from the State of Florida. The award may be used towards your tuition at Florida Prep, or any other school accepting Florida Step-Up. The award is generally around $7,000 and is not income dependent.  Florida Prep will also add the award to any Academic scholarships your child may be eligible to receive; in some cases virtually wiping out tuition costs!

Review your options today at  Florida Empowerment Awards or speak to an Admissions Officer at Florida Prep.

*Florida Empowerment Awards are issued by the Florida Step Up For Students program. www.stepupforstudents.org