A Small School Big Experience

Florida Prep is a ‘small school’*, perfectly tailored to offer a unique curriculum designed to make a significant impact on your child’s educational experience.

While we understand a large school can provide a diverse range of extracurricular activities and a wider student body, Florida Prep offers a close-knit community and individualized attention, designed to foster deeper connections and learning opportunities.

Across the United States, many Middle and High School campuses number in the thousands, with class sizes approaching 30, Florida Prep’s smaller class size; generally below 14, allows for personalized attention from teachers, and better opportunities for students to ask questions, engage in discussions, and to collaborate with peers.

Small schools such as Florida Prep also foster a sense of community, where students can feel seen and supported by their peers and teachers.

Florida Prep students willingly make time to join extracurricular activities and school events; particularly those organized by their peers, and it’s not unusual to find a large contingent of students at a Florida Prep basketball game, theatre production, or out in the community, supporting a project organized by a fellow student, or a member of our faculty.

Opportunities for leadership and involvement in various activities, clubs, and organizations abound at Florida Prep. With fewer students competing for positions and roles, a motivated student has a better chance of being elected to a position of leadership, as a team captain, member of the student government, or even an admissions ambassador - all roles in which students develop important skills in communication, organization, and teamwork;  talents required beyond high school and into their future lives.

The Florida Prep curriculum also benefits from our small school status. Teachers have more flexibility to design and implement specialized programs and courses, each tailored to the interests and needs of their students. And Florida Prep’s status as an independent College Preparatory Academy allows for students, assessed as capable of working at a higher grade, to move forward to a class that better meets their needs.

A small school such as Florida Prep can offer your child big experiences that can make a lasting impact on their education, individual development, and university success.

From personalized attention, a strong sense of community, and unique learning opportunities, Florida Prep can provide your student with the tools and skills necessary for success, now and into the future.

To learn more about our Small School, Big Experience philosophy contact the Florida Prep Admissions Department today.

*A small school generally has an enrollment of fewer than 200 students. Florida Prep currently has an enrollment of 130 students.