A Private School is Within Your Reach

“I cannot afford a private school”.

At Florida Prep we hear that phrase virtually every single day, but did you know that private school is well within the reach of many families and in some cases can be virtually free of charge?

Florida Prep is one of the many private schools in the State of Florida accepting the Florida Step-Up for Students tax credit program, The Florida Hope Scholarship program and for the 2020/2021 academic year, the newly enacted Florida Empowerment Scholarship Program.

Sponsored and operated entirely by the State of Florida, eligibility for scholarships is based upon family income, and currently, 40% of Florida Prep students are enjoying full or partial benefits through the various programs on offer.  Are we eligible? Check here

If you are not eligible for the statewide scholarship programs, Florida Prep offers students a ‘Scholastic Achievement Award’ (SAA) scholarship program; financial benefits are based upon academic and special achievements. Each year the program awards one full-tuition scholarship and numerous partial scholarships to high achieving incoming students and to students currently enrolled at Florida Prep.

Students interested in SAA scholarships must be recommended by their teachers and must attend an admissions interview. For the applicant information, see our website.

Scholastic Academic Achievement scholarships may be used alongside Florida State scholarships, substantially reducing the cost of enrollment at Florida Prep, or in some cases erasing tuition entirely.

Military families interested in attending Florida Prep should review military discounts.  Open to those in the U.S. military who currently serve, or have served, the savings represent an ideal opportunity for families associated with local defense companies, or those serving at nearby Patrick Airforce Base to place their children in a school environment they personally choose.

Further options for assistance comes in the form of Financial Aid and Tuition Discounts, allocated to families from private funds made available by the Florida Prep ownership, Newopen USA. During the past 5 years, almost 8 million dollars has been allocated through this channel, benefitting hundreds of students from across the USA and many more from overseas.

To be considered for private funds your family must submit an application to Florida Prep; your eligibility cannot be discussed prior.  We urge you to apply now, the application process is currently free of charge, is non-binding and funds continue to be available to suitable candidates.

Of course, there are elements of private school education that cannot be waived. Uniforms, lunch plans and field trips all factor into the private school experience and are not eligible for tuition assistance or discounts. However, in a world of increased ‘cyberbullying’, it is often a relief for a student to learn they are now part of an organization with a single uniform policy that is not based upon the latest trend or designer fashion and for many parents, the initial outlay on a uniform often covers the student’s requirements for the entire academic year.

The resulting benefits from the early day ‘what to wear’ arguments are priceless!

Lunch plans at Florida Prep mirror the price point of those offered by public schools. Students have the option to opt into a meal plan, bring a bagged lunch or to pay cash on the go, however, compared to traditional public schools we do excel in this area and you may consider a meal plan a viable option.

Our on-site chef prepares meals fresh each day and offers a hot main course, daily specialty salads, sandwiches, and desserts. Some dishes will be familiar, some not; our focus at Florida Prep is to encourage students to try new things not only in the classroom but during other areas of Florida Prep also.

Lastly, to ensure families are aware of any field trip outlay, trips are locked-in from the outset of the academic year and the price is widely advertised. The amount does not vary significantly from year-to-year and we are happy to provide you with an estimate for this part of your tuition.

Research has shown that students who attend a private school perform better on scholastic tests, enjoy smaller class sizes, have fewer behavioral issues and earn more in college scholarship funds. They are also more likely to be leaders and innovators.

Move your child into the fast lane; join us at Florida Prep by utilizing the programs and opportunities available to your family today.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities open to your child, contact the Florida Prep admissions department, admissions@flprep.com.