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Robotics Team Concludes Championship Season with Strong Finish


The Florida Preparatory Academy Robotics Team, fondly known as the Chimkens, wrapped up their championship season with a commendable performance despite facing unexpected challenges. Led by their dedicated coach, Reeder Ward, and fueled by a supportive community, the team showcased resilience and determination throughout the competition.

Preparation for the Championship was rigorous, with the Robotics team diligently refining their robot's capabilities in anticipation of the event. With assistance from mentors, significant improvements were made to the autonomous features of their robot, resulting in a substantial increase in scoring potential compared to previous competitions. The team's collaboration and commitment to excellence were evident as they optimized software and enhanced overall performance.

However, adversity struck as the team encountered an unexpected setback when their top two drivers were unable to attend the competition. Undeterred by this challenge, Coach Ward made the strategic decision to entrust Jay, a tenth-grader, with the role of key driver for the day. Despite being relatively uninvolved in previous competitions, Jay demonstrated remarkable focus and determination during practice sessions, earning the trust and support of his teammates.

The Chimkens navigated through a series of matches with varying results, facing both victories and defeats. Despite starting with a mixed record, the team rallied together, winning their final two matches and concluding the day with a respectable 3-3 record. Their overall season record stood at 10-6, securing a commendable 12th place out of 23 competing teams.

The success of the Chimkens would not have been possible without the unwavering support of their community. Mr. and Mrs. Mangra, along with FPA Management represented by Mrs. Johnston and Mr. Cash, provided invaluable encouragement and assistance throughout the season. From early mornings to late evenings, their dedication and generosity ensured that the team had the resources and motivation needed to excel.

Coach Ward expressed heartfelt gratitude to all supporters, including the continued support from Julian Waller and L3Harris, which has been instrumental in sustaining the Robotics program at Florida Preparatory Academy. The collective efforts of the community have not only kept the program alive but have also empowered students to thrive and grow through their involvement in robotics.

As the season draws to a close, the Chimkens reflect on their journey with pride and gratitude, poised to build upon their experiences and achievements in the seasons to come.


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