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Lenny Rebeix Senior Picture

Florida Prep offers students the opportunity to learn and grow in a global atmosphere, amongst classmates from all over the world. This gives them a broader world view and appreciation for other cultures. We are fortunate enough to also enroll students who, while from the United States, have already experienced several other countries and speak more than one language. Senior Class President Lenny Rebeix is one of those students. Click to learn more about Lenny and his seven years at Florida Prep.

Hope Scholarship

Florida Prep is proud to offer the Florida Hope Scholarship Program for students in public schools seeking relief from bullying and violence in their current schools. This program helps students transfer to a private school with an accompanying scholarship of up to $7,100. See article to learn more about this opportunity. 

Peking University Logo

We are proud to share that one of our alumni, Wyatt Fischer, has earned a scholarship to attend Peking University, the most prestigious university in China. His intensive study of Mandarin while at Florida Prep will serve him well as he will be studying Chinese History for the next semester. We wish him luck on his new adventure.

Celebrating School Choice at FLORIDA PREP – January 20-26, 2019

National School Choice Week provides all types of schools with an opportunity to celebrate the positive work that they do and to spotlight students, parents, teachers, and school staff. The celebration is nonpartisan and nonpolitical, and it is not designed to advocate for or against any legislation or public policy.

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Jayla Johnson Senior

One of the true rewards for educators is to come across students whose goals in life involve a selfless concern for those less fortunate than most.  We are very proud to be able to make this claim about one of our incredible seniors this year, Jayla Johnson. Follow the headline to learn more about this remarkable student.