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Florida Prep House System

At the start of the new school year, our students were placed into one of four "houses". The members of each house come from all different grades, backgrounds, cultures, and interests. They will stay in their assigned houses all the way to graduation their senior year. The purpose of this system is to build upon our sense of community and family here at Florida Prep. It gives our students and staff the opportunity to connect with students outside of our normal school life and increase the integration of the student body. This program is brand new for us and we are looking forward to how it works for our school.

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Learning about sea turtles

Going off to boarding school can be scary for students that have never been away from home. Luckily, here at Florida Prep, we offer residential summer programs and shadow days during the school year to help ease the nerves of first time boarding or private school students. Not only does this allow your child to make new friends and to see how they fit in at a private boarding school, but it also allows the staff at Florida Prep to learn about your child and form connections with them to make the transition a smooth one. Learn more here!

Flags of the Caribbean

Florida Prep is known for enrolling students from all over the world, especially from the islands in the Caribbean. Our small class sizes, family atmosphere, and convenient location all make us an ideal fit and have helped us form a lasting connection to that region for nearly 60 years. Read on to see what one family has to say about their experience enrolling their students at Florida Prep. For those in Turks and Caicos, our Admissions team is headed your way, see more details in the article.

Student with textbooks

Graduating high school with your first year of college completed is a distinct possibility here at Florida Prep thanks to our partnerships with both Eastern Florida State College and the renowned Florida Tech. Through dual enrollment, your student could earn enough college credits to cover the first year of college, meaning they would enter their college program as a sophomore and save you potentially thousands of dollars. They may also be guaranteed acceptance into Florida Tech after graduation. Read the article here to learn more about this opportunity!

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Students and Chef with freshly planted corn

When you ask a student to think of school and what classes they are taking, you can bet they will be thinking of math, science or maybe even history. When you ask a Florida Prep student, their answer may surprise you. At the end of the 2019 school year, Chef Eric Schappert and his Culinary class broke ground on a project he hopes will last for years to come - the Florida Prep Garden. His students have the opportunity to plant crops, nurture them while they grow, and then learn how to cook them in the kitchen for a full-circle culinary experience that will be the first thing they think about when asked about school. Learn more here.

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