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Summer Languages at Florida Prep

The quickest path to learning a new language is full immersion! Enroll today for the Florida Prep English as a Second Language (ESL) Residential program from July 12 – August 6, 2021.

Academic Credit & Enrichment | Summer 2021

Florida Prep’s four week Summer Program “ Return to the Classroom” from July 12 – August 6, 2021 offers students in grades 5 – 12 the opportunity to retake a class they may have failed, advance to a new level, or simply to return to a classroom environment.

Experiential Learning Week Explained

Experiential Learning is an engaged learning process whereby students “learn by doing” and by reflecting on the experience. Experiential learners will challenge themselves, lead others, make mistakes and sometimes fail. Find out why the program is a popular addition to the Florida Prep curriculum.