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Introducing the New Global Citizenship and Leadership Program

An innovative program consisting of 3 classes over the course of a student's career at Florida Prep, the Global Citizenship & Leadership Program focuses on fostering cross-cultural understanding, developing leadership skills, and promoting active global engagement, while simultaneously preparing Florida Prep students to thrive in an interconnected and diverse world. 

Scholarship News!!

Beginning July 1, 2023, the state of Florida will be offering Private School Step Up Scholarships to all students residing in Florida, irrespective of their household income. This transformative program aims to empower families and provide educational opportunities to children across the state. Florida Prep accepts Step Up for Students Scholarships.

The Florida Prep Middle School


"Unlock Your Middle Schooler's Potential at Florida Prep: Personalized Attention, Engaging Curriculum, Experiential Learning. Smaller classes, dedicated teachers, and advanced coursework options.

A Small School Big Experience

Florida Prep offers a close-knit community and individualized attention, designed to foster deeper connections and learning opportunities.

Reaching for the Moon - Christina Koch

As she continues to push back boundaries, inspire the world, and certainly smash the glass ceiling, Florida Prep Koch House figurehead, Christina Koch, heads back to space.

Why You Should Consider A Shadow Day

A shadow day is an opportunity for a student to spend a day at Florida Prep alongside another student, typically in the same grade, and with similar academic interests. The experience provides a more immersive and personalized look into the Florida Prep community.

A High School Senior Year Transfer

Although the idea of leaving friends and the familiar surroundings of a current school to complete the high school senior year at Florida Prep may appear daunting to a student, a Senior Year transfer can have numerous benefits and open up new opportunities for growth and personal development.