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Headshots of Four Students in Duke Tip program

The Duke TIP Program recognizes high achieving middle school students and works with educators and families to help these students reach their full potential. Four Florida Prep students are participants in this program and have placed in the 95th percentile in recent nationally recognized or standardized tests. Keep reading to learn how Mrs. Katina Long is helping coordinate this program at Florida Prep.

  • Duke TIP
13 teachers on a zoom call

One of the biggest challenges of switching to distance learning is the absence of personal human interaction. Our students are no strangers to communicating online as they have been doing so their entire lives, but they still crave being in the same room as their friends and teachers. Florida Prep faculty and staff have worked very hard to find ways to make sure our students still feel connected, read more to find out how!

student studying online

Distance Learning is a new concept for the majority of our families and it can feel overwhelming trying to help your child succeed. We have compiled our top ten tips for parents to use to help their kids during this process. Read more to see if any of these tips can help your family!

Map of Countries with Students Distance Learning

Florida Prep is committed to ensuring every student has access to continuing their education during these unprecedented times. While under normal circumstances classes would be resuming this week after Spring Break, many students are still out of the state or even the country. The Distance Learning Program will begin on Wednesday, March 25th for all Florida Prep Students, no matter where in the world they are. The faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that the program runs smoothly and in the best interest of the students. Read more to see how the staff has helped get the school prepared.

Front of Campus Squared

Picking a boarding school for your child is a lot like house shopping - you want to make sure you find the right location and easy access to amenities. You also want to make sure elements like the weather are not going to pose a problem for your child's happiness at school. Check out why Florida Prep is the right choice for your child's home away from home.

Ryan Mangra Presidential Scholarship

Florida Prep believes in rewarding students for their academic achievements and efforts in the classroom. That is why we offer scholarships up to $6,000 to students who meet the qualifications. One student each year is awarded the President's Scholarship, which covers the entire tuition package for an entire year. Read more to see what it takes to win the President's Scholarship at Florida Prep.