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Our students are housed in single sex dorms, with bunks, 2-4 occupants per room, depending upon the size of the room.

All students have their own personal space with an individual desk and lockable wall storage unit. Creativity is encouraged; students often place their own personal stamp on the area by adding colorful bedding, soft furnishings and wall hangings of their choice.

Students will generally be assigned to rooms with others from different countries; this encourages the use of English as the school's universal language and enables our students to learn each other’s cultures.

Each of our dorms has a lounge with wide-screen T.V. and comfortable couches - a place for students to gather, relax, play games and socialize.

Male and female Dorm supervisors provide supervision, guidance and a caring adult to talk to outside the classroom.

High speed, filtered Internet access is available in all dorms.

Three girls in dorm room