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Florida Prep is proud to have established strategic partnerships with outstanding high schools abroad. Students in foreign countries can now earn a U.S. high school diploma through a specialized international curriculum program developed at Florida Prep called Endow Premier Curriculum of America (EPCA). 

About the ProgramEPCA is an innovative program designed specifically for schools outside the United States seeking to implement a U.S. high school curriculum. It was designed in compliance with U.S. national educational standards by experts in curriculum development, but in a way that addresses the unique challenges educators and administrators face when attempting to implement a U.S.-style education outside the U.S.

EPCA is flexible, developed as a stand-alone program or as a part of a dual-educational program in which students receive two diplomas, one from an accredited high school in the U.S and another from a high school in their country of residence. EPCA is based on the Endow Discovery Core. A core curriculum made up of courses in the four areas of English, Natural Science, Social Science, and Mathematics. This core may be integrated with a foreign curriculum, or supplemented as necessary with additional courses or electives to make up an independent academic program that suits the needs of a particular school.

EPCA is not a static curriculum, but a dynamic, evolving one that is continuously reassessed and refreshed with new source content, up-to-date references, and supplementary materials. Each unit makes up a core content with a list of references that is updated each year to ensure that what students are learning in the classroom is consistent with current events and academic trends. 

What are the benefits of EPCA?

For students, EPCA provides several distinct advantages. Students may:

  • Receive a diploma from an accredited U.S school without leaving their home country
  • Improve their English competency by working with foreign teachers and students
  • Experience a foreign culture through interactive, collaborative exchanges
  • Receive college guidance counseling for attending universities after graduation
  • Acquire critical thinking skills essential to performing well on college entrance exams

Students who participate in the EPCA program at their home school may also have opportunities for student visitations and exchanges, classroom immersion programs in the U.S., and summer and winter programs. 

For educators, EPCA provides both a complete curriculum for a three- to four- year high school diploma program and a program of a services from a team of experts to assist in its implementation. The curriculum itself may be viewed as a stand-alone academic framework that can be adapted to local educational requirements and expectations. Although, it is also supported by a team of professional educators who are able to provide supervision, support, and training through on-site visitations and digital communication; as well as through email, instant messaging, video conferencing and other means. In addition, these educators offer student guidance, student career counseling, personal interviews, and other professional services to assist students with their long-term career objectives. 








Our Partner Schools

Bachuan Quantum High School 重庆市巴川国际高级中学校 

Guohua Financial Center, No.9, Juxianyan Plaza Jiangbei District, Chongqing, 400000

Tel: 023-67738935 | E-Mail:

Chongqing Bachuan International High School and Middle School is located in the hometown of the Chinese dragon -Chongqing, Tongliang. It opened in 2012, and shares its campus between Bachuan Middle School, Bachuan High School and Bachuan Mini Classes. The main campus building has 146 rooms; each equipped with cutting edge multimedia technology. The campus has over 9,000 students. 

Bachuan provides an international STEM curriculum that received national acclaim following the outstanding academic performance of its students during the 2016-2017 academic year. Students at Bachuan High School achieved a 100% university acceptance rate, and all students passed China's national examination requirements for entering China's highest ranked universities, those in the Tier 1 category. 

Hebei Canglong International School 苍龙国际学校

55 Xizhong Street, Lin Xi, Guye District.                                                  Tangshan, Hebei Province, China

Tel: 400-112-8341

Hebei Canglong International School (formerly Tangshan No.16 High School) was established in 1956 and later renamed Hebei Canglong International School. With its long history, the school has a large campus and rich cultural heritage. With substantial investment from the Beijing Canglong Shengshi Education Investment Co., Ltd., the school now has a fifteen-grade-year boarding program that runs from kindergarten and primary school all the way to junior and senior high school. Its campus is made up of spacious teaching buildings, student dormitories, student cafeterias, a club activity center, and a luxurious auditorium, as well as comprehensive sports facilities and a gymnasium for football, basketball, volleyball, and other sports and activities to enhance students’ physical well-being.

The school’s educational philosophy celebrates both traditional Chinese culture and values as well as the advantages of globalized education and the combination of Chinese and Western educational principles. It is the mission of Canglong International School to provide an open, future-focused globalized education that enhances students’ international awareness, and to provide a rich, encouraging educational environment that promotes the values of lifelong learning.

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