What Do People Say About Florida Prep?

He's thrived from living at Florida Preparatory Academy with lots of kids his age. Plus his grades have risen dramatically, and that makes us both happy.

"Florida Prep is more than just a place to learn, Florida Prep is a place to grow and become a better person."

Best time I ever had. Wish I would have stayed longer.

"I just want to send a positive email about a couple of your students. Unfortunately I do not know their names. My young children (VPK and 1st grade age) were at Fred Lee Park with more friends similarly aged when a group of teens, FL Prep students as well came to the playground. The teens had big beach balls and were tossing them around, which was great entertainment for the younger ones to watch. Eventually the teens started to toss the balls to the young kids which they absolutely loved and then they started talking about school and what grades they were etc. They weren't just ignoring the younger kids, they were having genuine conversation with them. It was awesome as a parent of younger kids to see these teens showing perfect role model behavior. I was very impressed and I know my kids and their friends were excited to be treated so well by the " cool big kids". I wish I would have thought to ask the boys their names, but I just wanted to let you know the positive example those students were in their community. Thanks".

"I've enjoyed watching my son mature into a young man, and develop new interests and passions while attending Florida Preparatory Academy."

"It provides much needed structure for teenagers. There is a camaraderie that the students and faculty share that other schools can't seem to match."

"He's really embraced the structure and leadership; he feels good about his accomplishments."

There aren't the horrible 'cliques' that other schools have.... the students really get along well together, and the fact that there are international students from all over the world is a huge plus. It really is a 'family.


Florida Prep has taught me never to give up, to have a strong mindset, to support each other, and to effectively communicate. I am looking forward to the next couple of years at Florida Prep!
They showed me that it’s OK to have my own opinions and not to let anyone shoot them down. And not to shoot anyone else’s down as well!
The very best there is!
It can´t get any better than this!
An Unforgettable lifetime experience!
"Our children are growing up with more self-confidence - and they get better grades!"