The A, B, C's of Summer

Limited Number of Places Still Available On the Florida Prep Summer Program!

The A, B, C’s of Summer:

If you are wondering whether Summer Session is right for you and your child, consider the following five things:

1. Ace Your Application

With an increasingly competitive college application process, never have the SAT or a great college application been more important.  Summer programs at Florida Prep offer participants the opportunity to review, practice and understand the SAT exam and to learn how to ace that all important college application.

2.  Babysitting Blues

As working parents we know it’s difficult to juggle the demands of a full-time career with the endless summer vacation. We worry as our kids spend hours at home, playing video games, watching TV, or hanging out unsupervised with friends. At Florida Prep, students get to spend each week making new friends from around the world, learning new skills, engaging in fun activities and mentored sports, and staying busy doing things they LOVE with 24/7 adult supervision.

3. Confident Communication

Public Speaking strikes fear into the most seasoned executive, but few of us think of it as a ‘learned’ skill.  We disagree! In our ‘Intro to Public Speaking Program’ we learn how leaders use public speaking to motivate, how to confidently address the public and how to make an impact during face-to-face interviews.

4. Social Development

During our Summer Program your child will interact with children of different cultures and backgrounds. Living and learning together reinforces core values of ethics, honesty, caring, respect and responsibility. Parents frequently report that after completing the summer program at Florida Prep their children better understand the importance of sharing and giving of themselves, and are more willing to be more responsible at school and at home.

5. Exciting Options!

With over 30 program options, ‘Summer at Florida Prep’ provides boys and girls with the opportunities for personal enrichment, academic growth, mentored exercise, making new friends... and having fun!  

Courses run from one to four weeks, and may be as little as a half day, or full-time boarding, with weekend trips to local beaches, state parks, and Orlando attractions.

Transportation is available to local students with central pick-up points throughout the  area.

A limited number of places are available. Applications must be received and paid in full by 1st June 2018.

For application details, visit our summer page:  For more information, please contact the Admissions department at (321) 723-3211 ext. 30040