Navigating The College Application Process At Florida Prep

With over 5,300 colleges and universities in the USA alone and many thousands more around the world, the decision on which college to choose has never been more difficult.

From historic Ivy League universities to modern local community colleges, each establishment has its own unique qualities and attributes. Add in the many forms of applications from a Personalized Essay to the “Common Application,” the myriad of courses offered and the many opportunities to obtain scholarship funds, and the landscape becomes a cluttered mess, alien to both students and parents alike.

At Florida Prep we help our students cut through that clutter.

Andrea Carballo-Flores, Office of Admissions, Florida State University


With a dedicated team that consists of both a College Counselor and a Guidance Counselor, we provide our students with the information necessary to produce a great college application and to choose the right direction for them and their future career.

Admissions Officers from colleges across the USA regularly visit our campus throughout the year, offering students from grades 9 through 12 the opportunity to learn about their campus, the admissions requirements and available scholarship opportunities prior to considering an official visit.

 “So far, I have attended several college overview sessions, worked with the Florida Prep guidance department and made a number of campus visits,” says Aliya Georges (Class of 2019). “During the process, I’ve narrowed my choice down to New York area schools and I’ll be making applications to my top 3 later this fall”.

“It’s been a great experience” she continued “and given both my parents are deployed overseas, the guidance provided by Florida Prep has been a huge help in navigating the process, which can sometimes be overwhelming”.

Aliya Georges will attend a college in the New York areaSteve Cash, Director of College Counseling, agrees with Aliya. “We begin college prep during 8th grade,” he says, “and the process continues until each of our seniors receives their diploma at graduation. In fact, it often continues beyond that time, as students reach out or return to campus for advice from our team.”

“Our 100% college acceptance since 1978 is not simply an idle boast; it’s something we strive for each and every year.  Our students are part of our extended family, and we like to feel they are as important to us as they are to their own families, and that means kids go to college!” he concluded.