Getting To Know Our Students

The goal of “perfection” is something that most people strive for, but very few attain.  The goal of perfection on an SAT test is something that many students strive for, but almost none attain.  But there are exceptions, and we are proud to boast one of them – Senior Insar Magadeev, who scored a perfect 800 on the math section of the SAT.  And his perfection doesn’t end there; Insar also scored a perfect 5 on the Advanced Placement physics exam, another rarity.

But math and physics aren’t the only things Insar does.  He has been a major leader in our student council for the past two years, has participated in athletics (both tennis and ping pong), has been the student organizer of the Chess Club, and has an excellent sense of humor on top of that.  In addition, if you have a Rubik’s cube that you need solving in a hurry, hand it over to Insar and he will have the colors matching up in no time.

Insar came to Florida Prep three years from his hometown of Yekaterinburg,  Russia.  His English language skills improved quickly, and he found himself earning A’s in every class.  His current schedule includes a full load of 12 dual enrollment credits at Florida Tech.  Now just a few months away from graduation, Insar has some lofty goals for his future  – goals which he certainly can achieve.  In college he plans to major in Aerospace Engineering, and his list of college choices include some of the top schools in this field – MIT, Georgia Tech and possibly Cal Tech among them.  With test scores and a grade point average sufficient for these programs, he now awaits those letters of acceptance.

We at Florida Prep are proud of Insar’s accomplishments, and we are confident that he will do great things in his future.