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Florida Prep Adds Robotics To Curriculum

At Florida Prep we believe the move away from engineering and science begins in high school where many students shy away from these disciplines due to the perceived difficulty in understanding the content.  Only by creating excitement around these subjects do students break through the stereotypes traditionally imagined for people in the engineering or science fields and open their minds to new possibilities.Read about our Robotics program by clicking the headline.


Coastal Cleanup Day

The 32nd annual International Coastal Cleanup Day gave 11 students and 3 faculty members the opportunity to show their commitment to the environment recently. Good news came in the news clean up was easier this year. Learn why by clicking the headline.


Surfs Up

As hurricane Florence moves through the Caribbean the Florida Prep surfing class take advantage of the waves.

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Navigating The College Application Process At Florida Prep

With over 5,300 colleges and universities in the USA alone and many thousands more around the world, the decision on which college to choose has never been more difficult.

At Florida Prep we help our students cut through the clutter. See our story by clicking the headline.

Leadership: A Prized Asset, But Seldom Taught

 It is a fact that some people are naturally great leaders, with an inner sense of confidence and what is right, and that cannot be swayed. But for the majority of us, leadership must be a learned skill, nurtured, practiced and critiqued, in the same manner we’d treat any other skillset at which we would like to excel.

At Florida Prep we work with closely with our students to enhance those skills. Read more about our Leadership Academy and the impact of our 21st Century Skills and Values Program by clicking the above link.