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Unique Culinary Program Teaches Life-Skills

Students in the Florida Prep Culinary Program are not only developing a love of cooking, but also an understanding of good nutrition and how to budget. See how by following the headline.

Students Beat ‘The Network Challenge’

‘The Network Challenge’ would test the most seasoned IT professional but Mr. Ayala’s Computer Integration students decided it would not beat them.  Read more about the challenge and how Florida Prep students beat the clock by clicking the headline.  


Christmas Cookies and So Much More More at The Holiday Party.

The Holiday Party at Florida Prep is a wonderful opportunity for students to share in a traditional American Christmas. Sponsored in part, by the Florida prep Parent Association, the party includes family favorite cookies, gingerbread houses and a visit from Santa.


Getting To Know Our Students

An SAT test or a Rubik's cube, both mastered to perfection! Senior Insar Magadeev recently scored a perfect 800 on the math section of the SAT and can spin a Rubik's cube in seconds. But that's only part of his story. Learn more at Getting To Know Our Students.

Art and Culture - Batiks

Students in Mrs. Mack’s Senior High and Middle School Art classes were recently given the opportunity to explore the traditional and modern methods of creating Batiks.  This wonderfully creative medium gives students the chance to appreciate the work of other cultures and how they create beautiful works of art from natural material. A number of our students were also able to create truly spectacular pieces through the process.

To learn more about the process view the blog created by Mrs Mack at 'Art and Culture - Batik'