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Leadership: A Prized Asset, But Seldom Taught

 It is a fact that some people are naturally great leaders, with an inner sense of confidence and what is right, and that cannot be swayed. But for the majority of us, leadership must be a learned skill, nurtured, practiced and critiqued, in the same manner we’d treat any other skillset at which we would like to excel.

At Florida Prep we work with closely with our students to enhance those skills. Read more about our Leadership Academy and the impact of our 21st Century Skills and Values Program by clicking the above link.

Welcome Back!

After a long hot summer, it was time for our students to get back to work and nowhere is that more exciting than Florida Prep! With students from 14 countries this semester, we continue to reach globally.

Check out the first-day 'Meet your Neighbor' video by clicking the headline.

Ease the Stress of School Check-In With These Quick Tips

Fall Check-In is scheduled for Sunday, August 12 and regardless of your status as a new or returning student family, we know check-in can sometimes be stressful. By using our check-in tips, the process can be streamlined, saving you time and more importantly, allowing you to enjoy the experience with your student.

A New School Challenges Students And Parents

It's the end of the summer and public school registration is already underway but is a public school the right choice for your child?
Julia Brown and her family thought the answer was yes until they met with the school's guidance counselor for the first time.  Read why they and other families are turning to Florida Prep for a private education.


Surfing Elective Proving Popular at Florida Prep

East Central Florida: it’s the home of Kelly Slater, Ron Jons Surf Shop, and Cocoa Beach. It’s also the home of the Florida Prep Surfers, a unique physical education credit elective offered to high school students at Florida Prep.

Physical education instructor Mike Lynch, oversees the surfing program at Florida Prep. “It’s a formal class,” says Lynch, “not an opportunity to cut classes and head to the beach. We have high expectations and students are graded accordingly.”

For more information, click Surfing Elective Proving Popular at Florida Prep