Eligible Discounts

Sibling Discount

A $5,000 discount will be given to the second child’s net tuition fee for a boarding student or $2,500 for a day student. The same applies for the third, fourth, fifth, etc…child.



Alumni Referral

A one-time $1,000 award is given to a prospective student who has been referred by an alumni and accepted to the Academy.

Parent Referral

When a current parent refers a prospective student who is accepted, enrolled and reports in to the academy, they will receive a one-time tuition credit in the amount of $1000 for a Boarding Student or $500 for a Day Student, to be posted to the current student's bank account at the conclusion of the first four weeks.

Military Discount

Any parent that is serving or has served in the military will receive a discount of $2,500 (day students) and $5,000 (boarding students) each year, with proof of DD214.

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