The American Experience

When is a Gap Year not a Gap Year?

When it's a year of education at Florida Prep! 


What if you could take a year away from home, have fun, meet new people, build your resume and learn a new language? All while setting yourself up for admission to your university of choice-directly out of High School?

All that, and more, is now possible for students enrolled in the  American Experience at Florida Prep!

Earn U.S. College Credits!

Sit College entry exams; including the SAT and Toefl

Live and study at Florida Prep for an entire academic year

Share a Dorm Room with Native English Speakers

Become an active member of the Florida Prep Community!

 Join Clubs and experience "Right of Passage" events such as Homecoming, and Prom.

Make your own memories

 Improve your language skills; both Written and Oral with daily English classes, and off campus activities.


Living and learning on the Florida Prep campus, you will make memories and friendships to last a lifetime!


Contact us today to discuss your year away in the USA!

Email: tel: 321-723-3211