ESOL Summer Program

Orlando Theme Parks

The English Immersion program is designed to prepare students for our regular college prep curriculum. This program provides students with the English skills needed to take courses such as English Literature, American History, and other English-based courses required for high school graduation and acceptance into competitive American universities.

Summer Session

  • 6 hours per day of English immersion and instruction
  • Fun activities
  • Weekly field trips to:
    • Restaurants
    • Shopping centers
    • Amusement/Theme ParksMelbourne Beach

The American Experience
Download our Summer Flyer 'The American Experience' by clicking the link above

Beach Time


ESOL Summer

Highlights of the Summer ESOL Immersion program:

  • Students are given a placement test and are grouped according to level in small groups.
  • Emphasis is put on speaking as well as reading, writing, listening and vocabulary.
  • As early as the first week, students are immersed in the English language and culture.
  • Students take field trips which give them a chance to practice their skills in real-life situations as well as to experience the American culture.
  • Students share a dormitory room with native English speakers
  • Students have access to a computerized language lab with an online learning program which enables our students to go into further detail on topics taught in class.