Special COVID-19 Considerations for the Florida Prep Summer Program:

  • Participation will be limited to allow for more social spacing, however, participants must accept that there will be times when students are NOT 6ft apart.  
  • Student masks are not required, but may be used if student/parent prefers. 
  • Throughout the program we will implement healthy hygiene practices including hand washing and wiping surfaces.
  • During attendee drop-off we will perform screening protocols to include taking a participants temperature and asking of any COVID-19 related symptoms. We ask all participants who are sick or feel unwell to stay home.
  • Florida Prep chaperones will adhere to screened protocols each day and will wear masks if deemed necessary by location requirements, or hands-on nature of an activity. In this case, the decision to mandate a mask will be made by our lead counselor in conjunction with our school nurse.
  • Special Refund Policy: If the Florida Prep Summer Program is cancelled prior to starting, all fees will be refunded. If classes are interrupted at the Governor's orders, a pro-rated refund will be given.  If a student is advised to stay home due to Covid-19 symptoms, or has been in close proximity to a Covid-19 patient and is required to isolate, a pro-rated refund for the session will be considered.


CDC Stop the Spread of Germs

*All day-to-day program activities are subject to change due to COVID-19*