Still have questions?

How many students are boarding?

Two-thirds of our students board here on campus. Our student body breakdown is one-third of our students are local day students, one-third of our students are domestic boarders from among the United States and one-third of our students are international students representing over 30 different countries. (International island students are included in this count, many of which speak perfect English.)

Gender distribution?

The Academy became co-ed in 2005. Today the gender breakdown is approximately two-thirds male and one-third female. The female population is on the rise. The second semester new students enrolled were at a 50/50 breakdown.

When is it best to apply?

Apply by March 15 to assure availability.

When does school start in August?

The 2019-2020 school year begins on Monday, August 12.

Teachers - how many with masters degrees or higher?

Over half of our teachers have a Master’s Degree. All have Bachelor’s Degree or higher and teach in their field of study.

What Foreign Languages are taught?

Spanish, French, and Mandarin. Foreign languages are taught at the high school level through level 4; however, because of our international student body is so diverse, many of our students speak fluent in a number of languages.

What activities/trips do the JROTC students organize?

The JROTC cadets organized/organize everything taking place in JROTC. Community Service activities, Color Guard, Leadership training, Curriculum In Action trips, Middle School recruitment etc...Everything we have on the JROTC calendar they plan.

What sort of community service are the students involved in?

Our students participate in many local community activities: 5K run, help in local soup kitchen, beach clean-up, road beautification, Light the Night, Relay for Life, etc…The list varies each year.