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Our Mission: "To develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community."

The AFJROTC elective program is a citizenship training program designed to educate and train high school cadets in citizenship, promote community service, instill personal responsibility, character, and self-discipline. The program achieves this through classroom education in air and space fundamentals and hands-on learning opportunities in a number of fun and challenging extra-curricular activities. The AFJROTC program is grounded in the Air Force core values of “integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.”

There is NO military obligation for any of our cadets. The four-year academic program follows. Students may opt in or out at any time.

Year 1

High School Financial Planning Program

Focuses on basic personal finance skills that are relevant to the lives of pre-teens, teens, and young adults to lay a solid foundation for financial independence and future financial decisions.

Survival: Survive and Return

Is a synthesis of the basic survival information found in Air Force Regulation 64-4 Survival Training. The survival instruction will provide training in skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to successfully perform fundamental tasks needed for survival.

Year 2

Aerospace Science: A Journey Into Aviation History

An aviation history course focusing on the development of flight throughout the centuries. It starts with ancient civilizations, then progresses through time to modern day.

Traditions, Wellness, And Foundations Of Citizenship

Intended for students who are entering the AFJROTC program and beginning their high school studies. It will introduce cadets to history, organization, mission, traditions, goals, and objectives of JROTC for all services. It introduces key military customs and courtesies, how to project a positive attitude, and exam the principles of ethical and moral behavior.

Year 3

Cultural Studies: An Introduction to Global Awareness

Introduces students to the world’s cultures through the study of world affairs, regional studies, and cultural awareness. The course delves into history, geography, religions, languages, culture, political systems, economics, social issues, environmental concerns, and human rights.

Communication, Awareness, and Leadership

A customized course designed to improve communication, enhance awareness of self and others, and provide fundamentals of leadership and followership. The course focuses on the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) mission to “develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.” Woven throughout is the underlying theme of developing personal integrity. The course also emphasizes leadership and values such as service and excellence

Year 4

Exploring Space: The High Frontier

Begins with the study of the space environment from the earliest days of interest in astronomy and early ideas of the heavens, through the Renaissance, and on into modern astronomy. It provides an in-depth study of the Earth, Sun, stars, Moon, and solar system, including the terrestrial and the outer planets, discusses issues critical to travel in the upper atmosphere.

Life Skills and Career Opportunities

Provides an essential component of leadership education for today’s high school students. This course it is designed to prepare students for life after high school in the high-tech, globally oriented, and diverse workplace of the 21st century.

In addition to the core syllabus, cadets will participate in Community Service, Leadership Training, Drill, and Physical Training, and other extra-curricular activities. All these activities are tools to develop leadership, followership, and discipline.

Home School Students are Welcome in the Florida Prep JROTC program. If you are a Home School family interested in JROTC, please contact:

Lt Col Fitzgerald or SMSgt Hammond.

For more information about AFJROTC at Florida Prep, contact:

Dean Fitzgerald
Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (Ret)
Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
Florida Preparatory Academy (FL-032)
(321)723-3211 Ext. 217

Stephen Hammond
Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret)
Aerospace Science Instructor
Florida Preparatory Academy (FL-032)
(321)723-3211 Ext. 215