The English Language Program at Florida Prep

The ESOL  program (English to Speakers of Other Languages) offered by Florida Prep immerses our students in the English language from the moment they step foot onto our campus.

Declared the "best ESOL program in the State of Florida" by the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS), this is a signature offering at Florida Prep that provides a foundation stepping stone for international students to master English language skills and American cultural perspectives. 

With personalized learning plans, ESOL students are immersed in regular and structured interactions with native speakers on campus and in the local community. The majority of ESOL students on campus board with English speakers.

Students attend core curriculum classes Math, Science etc. alongside daily ESOL sessions, led by dedicated faculty; all of whom are certified to teach ESOL, and to teach mainstream classes within the State of Florida. This format ensures our students are well prepared for any classroom environment should they find themselves struggling.

In addition to classroom instruction, students may also take advantage of daily Teacher After School Help, One-on-one Classroom Assistance, and Peer guidance, after school.

Field Trips & Activities are a regular part of the Curriculum

Alongside regular classroom activities, students participating in the ESOL program also enjoy regular field trips to practice their language skills in person.

Such trips may include, visits to restaurants, entertainment venues and other locations, where students would be expected to interact with native English speakers.

Pre-visit planning, including reviewing menus, colors, instructions etc. ensures students are ready for the experience.

During post-trip feedback sessions, the student often reports the visits, though nerve-racking, was a huge boost to their confidence.

All visits are chaperoned by the classroom teacher, ready to assist at any time.  


Make It A Gap Year!The Florida Prep ESOL program is tailor-made for students seeking a Gap Year English Language program prior to completing their High School studies in their home country.


Our ESOL Program is designed for  International Students learning English, who possess a  basic understanding of the fundamentals of English.  Please review the international TOEFL/IELTS test scores below for an indication of your eligibility to enter the program.

Minimum Required Test Scores


Grade  Score
Grade 9 31-50
Grade 10 51 - 71
Grade 11 71 and above


Grade  Score
Grade 9 0-5.5
Grade 10 5.6-6
Grade 11 6.1 and above

Please note: If your child's score is below the range listed above, we invite your child to apply to our Academy for an English Immersion Year. For more information about this program, please contact the Admissions Department at

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Schedule of Courses

ESOL 1 and ESOL 2

  • 3 Periods per day of ESOL: (ESOL instruction, computerized language lab and Reading for ESOL students)
  • 1 Period per day of Physical Education
  • 1 Period per day of Mathematics
  • 3 Periods per day of Electives (Additional English language instruction will replace electives as determined by English proficiency.)

ESOL 3, ESOL 4 and TOEFL Prep

  • 1 Period of ESOL Instruction
  • 1 Period per day of Mathematics
  • 1 Period per day of Science
  • 1 Period per day of English Literature
  • 1 Period per day of History
  • 3 Periods per day of Electives