Florida Prep offers an English Language Program (ESL) during the regular academic year as a means of support and preparation for specific classroom use and for overall effective communication in English. Our program teachers are dedicated to your child's success and offer additional assistance after school as needed.

ESOL at Florida Prep


Our English Language Program is designed for  International Students learning English as a new language. Please review the international TOEFL test scores below for our mainstream ESL Program. If your child's test scores are below the numbers listed, we recommend that your child attend our summer session prior to admission to the Academy. This provides a full month of English Immersion prior to the academic school year. Click here to register for summer!

Minimum Required Test Scores


Grade  Score
Grade 9 31-50
Grade 10 51 - 71
Grade 11 71 and above


Grade  Score
Grade 9 0-5.5
Grade 10 5.6-6
Grade 11 6.1 and above

Please note: If your child's score is below the range listed above, we invite your child to apply to our Academy for an English Immersion Year. For more information about this program, please contact the Admissions Department at admissions@flprep.com.

Schedule of Courses

ESL 1 and ESL 2

  • 3 Periods per day of ESL: (ESL instruction, computerized language lab and Reading for ESL students)
  • 1 Period per day of Physical Education
  • 1 Period per day of Mathematics
  • 3 Periods per day of Electives (Additional English language instruction will replace electives as determined by English proficiency.)

ESL 3, ESL 4 and TOEFL Prep

  • 1 Period of ESL Instruction
  • 1 Period per day of Mathematics
  • 1 Period per day of Science
  • 1 Period per day of English Literature
  • 1 Period per day of History
  • 3 Periods per day of Electives