What is University Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment gives your child the opportunity to take university courses by allowing them to be enrolled in more than one academic institution at the same time. Some students use this as an opportunity to earn university credits relevant to their anticipated future major, or simply to sample different courses to help them decide what they want to study after high school. Regardless of the reason why a student signs up, dual enrollment can save families the cost of up to one year’s tuition, around $40,000 at a private university.

Florida Prep offers dual enrollment opportunities at Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) and Eastern Florida State College. Keep reading to learn how Florida Prep can help your child reach their academic goals.

How Do You Apply For Dual Enrollment?

Applicants to the dual enrollment program must be a domestic or international high school student with transcripts that indicate they could potentially succeed in completing a rigorous first-year university course. The Florida Prep Guidance Department will identify your child as a suitable applicant and will assist them with the application process. The following standards would generally apply:

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.00 (unweighted) on a  4.00 scale
  • Combined SAT (Critical Reading and Math): 1100 (550 math portion if courses in math, science or engineering are desired)
  • ACT: 24 (25 math sub-score if courses in math science or engineering are desired)

Dual Enrollment at Florida Tech and Eastern Florida

Students interested in Dual Enrollment through Eastern Florida may receive enough credit hours to graduate with their Associate's Degree at the time of their high school graduation, giving them a head start on their collegiate career.

Students interested in Florida Tech may accumulate up to 24 semester credit hours, and in special circumstances, may be evaluated for additional credit hours based upon the recommendation of the Academic Support Center Director at Florida Tech.

What are the Benefits?

  • Earn credits at a doctoral-granting research university as a high school student, with access to state-of-the-art classrooms, research and laboratories.
  • Save up to one year’s tuition, which can be around $40,000
  • Take on rigorous university-level courses while still benefiting from the support network at Florida Prep
  • Get a feel for the atmosphere and expectations of university before graduating from high school – increasing the likelihood of success as a full-time university student
  • Earn up to 24 credits – which is enough credits to enter university as a sophomore or graduate with your Associate's Degree.
  • Enhance your academic resume prior to applying for a four-year university
  • Meet and learn from renowned, world-class faculty who are invested in your student’s success
  • Attend a local university that is considered to be just as good as the Ivy League schools for engineering by the College Gazette.

A Guaranteed University Offer from Florida Tech!

Any high school senior completing six or more credits at Florida Tech with a 3.0 overall GPA is guaranteed:

  • Admission to Florida Tech upon completion of the full-time undergraduate admission process and
  • Consideration for a university-based merit scholarship and need-based grant to attend Florida Tech.


Learn More about Florida Tech and Eastern Florida State College

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Next Steps

If your child would like to enhance their resume prior to applying to a four-year university, access state-of-the-art classrooms, research, and laboratories, and meet and learn from a  renowned, world-class faculty, then it’s time to consider enrolling your child at Florida Prep!


Who Can I Contact for Help with Dual Enrollment?


  • Patricia Carter, Director of Counseling and Guidance