What is University Dual Enrollment?

While attending Florida Prep, qualified students can earn college credits for Liberal Arts and Humanities courses at Eastern Florida State College. Credited enrollment is also available at the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT/Florida Tech) for studies in aeronautics, aviation, engineering, computing, and higher-order mathematics, among other advanced subjects.

Dual Enrollment allows students who excel in their secondary school studies to pursue credit-granting courses toward a collegiate degree. Students may explore classes at the tertiary level for a variety of reasons: to learn subjects not offered at the Academy; for early exposure to their intended majors; or to gain advanced standing before enrollment at university. Dual Enrollment offers outstanding students more than the opportunity for academic enrichment; it also helps mitigate the costs of advanced education. Potential savings of up to $40,000 in tuition fees at a private university make this a cost-effective pathway to academic and professional success.

How Do You Apply For Dual Enrollment?

Applicants to the Dual Enrollment program must be domestic or international high school students whose transcript record indicates potential success in a first-year university course. The Florida Prep Academic Department will identify suitable candidates for this intensive program involving rigorous coursework and will assist in the application process. The following standards generally apply:

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.00 (unweighted) on a  4.00 scale

  • Combined SAT (Critical Reading and Math): 1100 (550 in math, if student wishes to pursue courses in math, science, or engineering)

  • ACT: 24 (25 math sub-score, if student wishes to pursue courses in math, science, or engineering)

Dual Enrollment at Florida Tech and Eastern Florida

Students interested in Dual Enrollment at Eastern Florida State College are eligible to receive enough credit hours to earn an Associate's Degree at the time of their high school graduation, giving them a comprehensive opportunity for advanced standing in their collegiate career.

Students interested in Dual Enrollment at FIT/Florida Tech may accumulate up to 24 semester credit hours and, in special circumstances, may be evaluated for additional credit hours based upon the recommendation of the Academic Support Center Director at FIT/Florida Tech.

What are the Benefits?

  • Earn credits at a doctorate-granting university, with access to state-of-the-art classrooms, research opportunities, and laboratories

  • Save up to one year’s tuition, which can be around $40,000

  • Enroll in rigorous university-level courses while still benefiting from the advanced support network at Florida Prep

  • Experience collegiate atmosphere and expectations before graduating from high school, increasing the likelihood of success as a full-time university student

  • Earn up to 24 credits, enough to enter university as a sophomore or graduate with an Associate's Degree

  • Enhance academic résumé for university applications

  • Interact with renowned, world-class faculty invested in your student’s success

  • Attend a local university engineering program ranked by the College Gazette as highly as those at some Ivy League schools

A Guaranteed University Offer from Florida Tech!

Any high school senior completing six or more credits at FIT/Florida Tech with a 3.0 overall GPA is guaranteed:

  • Admission to FIT/Florida Tech upon completion of the full-time undergraduate admission process; and

  • Consideration for a university-based merit scholarship and need-based grant to attend FIT/Florida Tech

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Next Steps

If your child would like to enhance their resume prior to applying to a four-year university, access state-of-the-art classrooms, research, and laboratories, and meet and learn from a  renowned, world-class faculty, then it’s time to consider enrolling your child at Florida Prep!


Who Can I Contact for Help with Dual Enrollment?