College Placement

The college application process is an exciting and personal journey for every student and it is our goal at Florida Prep to ensure that all students are prepared to successfully continue their education at the college level and beyond.

We have designed a comprehensive college education program for each grade of school and our guidance team meets many times with each student during the college application process.

Visits to the Florida Prep campus from college admissions representatives are used to expose our students to a variety of college-related information and group sessions. These sessions are led by our guidance team and cover topics such as the financial aid processes.

The program is designed to focus individual attention on each student, particularly seniors, during this critical time in their lives; attention that most high schools are simply unable to provide due to the large number of students allocated to each counselor.


Many of our students leave Florida Prep with substantial scholarships offers.

The Class of 2018 earned more than $4 million in scholarships.


100% College Acceptance Since 1978

Since 1978 each senior class at Florida Prep has achieved 100% College Acceptance. Great effort is made each year to ensure that our students are aware of the myriad of opportunities available to them upon graduation and in finding them a college or university that is a great fit for their personal needs.

Our Grads Earn Millions In Scholarships