Alumni Spotlight: Hector Ceballos '80

Mr. Hector R. Ceballos

Hector Ceballos attended Florida Air Academy starting in 1975 and graduating in 1980. At that time, FAA was a military school with JROTC reaching into every aspect of life. While it was a very strict school, the discipline and structure are things that Mr. Ceballos feels has made him into the person he is today.  He has said that one of his favorite memories is being called to formation every morning for their daily briefing and inspection. While attending FAA, he also participated in the flight program learning how to fly aircrafts.Hector Now

After graduating from FAA, he went on to attend Rollins College, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Communications in 1987. In 1991 he became the President of the Alumni Association and keeps in close contact with his fellow alumni through FAA’s long history. Post-graduation he went on to become an Orlando Police Officer before starting a 13-year career at Liberty Mutual Insurance. Today he is working towards becoming a stock-broker and financial advisor.

His advice to current students is to enjoy their time at Florida Prep and make close connections with their peers. Keeping in touch with your fellow FPA students keeps you connected to the school and this time in your life. Only other students of FPA can truly understand your experiences here, and you will learn down the line just how easy high school was compared to your new responsibilities you are about to embark on. Having people to reminisce with and reconnect with is an invaluable resource.