All of us at Florida Prep are proud of our Alumni. We want to shine a light on these individuals for what they accomplished in their time at our school and what they have done after graduation. In this series you will learn more about some of our incredible alumni. We have a long and rich history here at Florida Prep and those who helped make us what we are deserve to be celebrated.


How did FAA/FPA Impact Their Lives?

"It was a pivotal part of who I am. Most people do not understand the bond that we have formed. The lifelong friendships that will always be a part of us. We grew up together as brothers." Ross Lindy '89

"It molded my life, I still practice things I learned there."
Monte Matarese '71

"Probably one of the most influential parts of my life and parts of my childhood growing up." Jarrod Buchman '90

"I have been very blessed throughout my life, both before and after my years at FAA, but those special years at FAA allowed me to explore so many new possibilities; the structure and discipline of military order, the strength that comes from working as a team in drill and sports, and the most important traits a boy becoming a man can learn - honor, integrity, and character that came from the guidance of so many fine leaders, teachers, and commanders that guided my growth through those wonderful years." Donald Hawkins '79


Where Are They Now?

Joseph Yang with Lisa Gray

Zhenxu 'Joseph' Yang, co-salutatorian of the class of 2016, is an excellent example of what it means to be a Falcon. During his time at Florida Prep, he got involved in several organizations and clubs, ran on the track team and excelled academically. He made friends from all over the world and developed connections with many of the staff members that help keep him connected to our school. He is now studying at the University of Sydney, continuing on his path to being a global citizen. Read the article to learn more about Joseph's story!

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Historic Florida Air Students
Historic Florida Air Students
Historic Florida Air Students
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