Campus Clothing Store

The campus clothing store stocks a comprehensive selection of clothing items for your Florida Prep student.

Items available for purchase include:

* Florida Prep Polo Shirts (red, navy & charcoal)

* Navy Dress-Shorts

* Florida Prep T-Shirts for athletics/ PE

* Oxford Shirts with logo (long & short sleeve)

* Outerwear with logo (Sweaters & Jackets)

All are available in male and female sizes.

Only Florida Prep or Falcon logo items may be worn during academic hours. Further details regarding the 2016-2017 dress code are available in the Student Handbook (Quicklinks).

Students may purchase off campus:

* Navy Blue or Khaki 'school length' dress-shorts  (Non Cargo)

* Navy or Khaki trousers (No tight fitting skinny pants)

* PE shorts (Navy Blue)

* Ties

* Belt (Black or Brown Leather)

* Athletic Shoes


1950 Academy Drive
Melbourne, FL 32901

Phone: (321) 723–3211
Toll Free: (877) 422–2338

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