Billing and Financial Information

Tuition is due as noted in the Fee Schedule provided to you by the Admissions Department. Other services required by the students during the year are due before service and can be paid for on our online payments portal.

Acceptable means of payment for student services are:

Online Payments (links below to specific payment sites):

    Through our new online payment form


    NetClassroom: Log in to your account to make a payment

    Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover

    Echeck: from a savings or checking account

Bank wire*



Note: the above information was updated August 2015

A $50 charge will be assessed each time a check presented in payment of a student's tuition or services is not honored by the bank. The Academy automatically, and without notice, redeposits all returned checks one time.

Business Office Contacts:

Heather Nokes – Director
ph: 321.723.3211 ext. 209
fax: 321.676.9548

Francee Donate – Student Accounts
ph: 321.723.3211 ext. 202
fax: 321.676.9548

Jeremy Richer – Accounts Payable and Campus Store
ph: 321.723.3211 ext. 208
fax: 321.676.9548

1950 Academy Drive
Melbourne, FL 32901

Phone: (321) 723–3211
Toll Free: (877) 422–2338

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