What Parents Say About FPA

As part of a survey, current parents were asked why they chose Florida Preparatory Academy for their children. These are some of the responses:

 "Excellent school. My son went there four plus years. Sent them a boy and he returned a nice respectful man. He was a boarding student. He will attend the University of Texas this coming fall of 2016."

"My son said to me: 'I realize that I wouldn't have accomplished what I have without going to FPA.'"

"He's learned how to apply leadership... to those he's responsible for, and that will prove to be a critical asset for the rest of his life."

"The academics and sports keep him challenged - he loves it."

"Our children are growing up with more self-confidence - and they get better grades!"

"He's thrived from living at Florida Preparatory Academy with lots of kids his age. Plus his grades have risen dramatically, and that makes us both happy."

"My child has a 4.0 GPA! She's benefitted from the structure and discipline for homework and studies, along with the extra help the teachers give her."

"The combination of structure, leadership development and academics is outstanding. He's proud of his accomplishments, and so are we.'"

"I've enjoyed watching my son mature into a young man, and develop new interests and passions while attending Florida Preparatory Academy."

"It provides much needed structure for teenagers. There is a camaraderie that the students and faculty share that other schools can't seem to match."

"He's really embraced the structure and leadership; he feels good about his accomplishments."

"There aren't the horrible 'cliques' that other schools have....  the students really get along well together, and the fact that there are international students from all over the world is a huge plus.  It really is a 'family.'"

At Florida Preparatory Academy we receive many letters from parents who are pleased with our program.
From the mother of a recent graduate:

Dear Mr. Dwight,
I want to express my sincere appreciation to you and your fine staff at Florida Preparatory Academy! Thank you and your faculty for your devotion to instilling integrity, building motivation and encouraging leadership. The TAC officers proved to be the role models. As a single mother, I appreciated your support and I am indebted to you.
On my desk I have a photo of you and [my son] from the memorable 2012 graduation ceremony. It touched me that you chose [him] for the Falcon Award.
Thank you!
From a mother of a seventh grader:

"Florida Prep has done so much for Andrew, and family and friends notice how he has grown into such a responsible and caring young man since being at FPA.

Andrew had attended a Catholic school since he was in kindergarten. At the end of the 4th grade, we were so disappointed at the lack of discipline and growth that I began praying for God to lead us in a new direction.

Within weeks, I learned that FPA was accepting 6th graders the following year. Within days of learning that information I set up an appointment to visit the school and speak with the administration. This was before he was in the 5th grade. I was ready to leave a check to ensure that he would have a spot when he was ready to enter the 6th grade.

When Andrew learned that we were sending him to school at FPA he was a little nervous.

We explained to him that he was attending a school like no other.

He went, at first he struggled a little, and then he persevered. We are proud of him for not walking away from the challenge. FPA has provided him the opportunity to realize that he can succeed and because of that we are grateful to FPA and we hope to continue being a part of the FPA family until the day he graduates from high school."
From a mother who attended the Fall Family Weekend:

" Please extend congrats to President Dwight and all FPA staff for doing such a great job! My husband and I were very impressed with the level of organization that was displayed this year. I think this year FPA is hot!  I will be promoting the program among our friends in Miami.

Please keep up the good work! On a personal note, we would like to express our gratitude and happiness over our son's present achievements. We talked to all his teachers and we were proud to hear the excellent news and comments that they had to say! Thanks again for giving him a vote of confidence!"
From the mother of a senior:

" John has received an outstanding education at Florida Preparatory Academy, not only in the academic realm, but also in the school of important lessons crucial to guiding today's young men into the leaders of tomorrow. Noble attributes such as courage, chivalry, and integrity are not always easy to find in today's society. FPA offers the opportunity to the students to learn and practice these attributes.

Boarding school is a unique experience, and the caring direction given by the staff of FPA has been instrumental in helping John grow spiritually and emotionally. Student life is an exercise both in tolerance and in setting and living up to high personal standards.

John's overall academic experience at FPA has also been exceptional. Over the four years that John has been enrolled at FPA, he has encountered teachers who care deeply about not only his learning the material being taught, but also that he develop successful study habits that will serve him well in his college years and into his professional life.

As John enters his senior year at FPA, we look forward to a productive and exciting time for him, and the graduation of a morally and academically well-prepared young man."

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