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Florida Prep Athletics continues a rich tradition of developing our student-athletes as leaders in the classroom, in our community, and within their sport as well. My name is Joe Burley. I am beginning my tenth year at Florida Preparatory Academy and will be serving as Athletic Director this year. As an educator and coach, I am excited at maintaining the level of excellence that Falcons Sports have achieved during our storied history.

The goal for Florida Prep Academy Athletics is to prepare all of our student-athletes to be able to
participate in the sport of their choice at the desired level for which they strive. Many of our student-athletes are seeking the possibility of continuing their athletic dreams on the collegiate level. Some of our student-athletes are seeking to experience new sports to find preferences for future participation. The remainder of our student-athlete population enjoys the opportunity to participate in athletics recreationally as a social outlet with peers. Our program is designed to accommodate the needs and interests of all of our student- athletes.

Florida Prep Athletics views the relationship with our student-athletes interested in participation in
college athletics as a partnership. We expect our student-athletes to maintain good academic standing, maintain good behavioral standing on campus as well as in the community and to be a good team member and teammate showing up to all practices and games. As a result of their efforts, it is our responsibility to provide coaches capable of teaching their sports, to provide academic supports where necessary and to reach out to colleges on behalf of our student-athletes to help them pursue their dreams. These athletes will have the opportunity to train in college-level conditioning classes and compete on teams that will participate in the Florida High School Athletic Association State Series.

Our developmental sports programs targets those who are looking to learn about sports and develop a
skill set that would allow them to participate in interscholastic competitions. We will offer an array of seasonal sports that will compete as an independent school team within the Florida High School Athletic Association against like competition. These athletes will be afforded year- long conditioning opportunities with sports specific offered seasonally. These teams will be open to participation by middle school and high school athletes alike.

A comprehensive intramural sports program will be available to our entire student population. Students will divide up into teams and be afforded to create their own team names and uniforms. Students will be able to create their own practice schedules and will play a schedule of games that will average two games a week culminating in a playoffs. Standings and statistics will be updated regularly in the daily bulletin and on the Florida Prep Academy web-site.

History of Athletic Excellence

The Florida Prep Falcons have brought home many State Championships in basketball, baseball, as well as gold medals in track and field. Two years ago at the London Summer Olympics we had two alumni competing, Sasha Kaun in basketball for his home country of Russia, and Leevan Sands (Bahamas) in track!  Leevan won a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics.

We offer such sports and athletic clubs, such as basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, weight lifting, track, tennis,  and more. . If there is student interest, other activities can be added.  Surfing in Brevard County is legendary and has produced such standouts as the Hobgood brothers and Kelly Slater.  Students may participate in skateboarding also.

Julius Johnson

For more information on the Florida Preparatory Academy Athletic Program please contact us at 321-723-3211 x142. For information on eligibility requirements by the FHSAA, visit www.fhsaa.org.

1950 Academy Drive
Melbourne, FL 32901

Phone: (321) 723–3211
Toll Free: (877) 422–2338

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