Structure & Discipline

The discipline system at Florida Preparatory Academy is designed to make doing the right thing more attractive than doing the wrong thing!  

Age-appropriate responses such as restrictions to free time (student gives up his/her free time to remain on campus and do chores, extra study time, etc.) and assigning reflective essays can all be effective tools in building a student's self-discipline. 
Discipline is assigned through the Academic and Dormitory staff only.  NO STUDENT ASSIGNS DISCIPLINE TO ANOTHER STUDENT. Students may report incidents to faculty and staff, who then contact the Principal or Dean of Students who research the offense and determine discipline consequences if necessary.
For more serious offenses or sustained performance issues, a Discipline Board comprised of administrators from Academics, Operations, Wellness Center, and the Guidance Department comprise the Board, which is chaired by Dean of Students, Mr. Jay Gideon.  Discipline Board recommendations are presented to the President for a final decision.


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