Student Life

The Operations staff welcomes you to Florida Preparatory Academy!

Receiving a strong academic education in high school is crucial.  Receiving a strong “life education” is equally crucial.  While all faculty and staff members at Florida Prep cooperate to provide both academic and life educational experiences, those of us who work in Operations concentrate on the specifics of student life, both at the Academy and beyond.  As Dean of Students, making sure that “life education” occurs at the highest possible level is my primary responsibility.  

For our residential students, our Operations Team works under the philosophy that living at Florida Prep should be one of the best parts of learning at Florida Prep.  We create learning opportunities regarding interpersonal relations, and consequently students create friendships for life while at the same time feeling supported as they excel academically and socially.  Specifically we provide all basic services, such as transportation, mail delivery, dining, laundry, travel, activities, and much more.  Most importantly, though, we provide an environment to make a student’s living experience support his or her academic experience.

For our day students, we provide many of the same basic services.  In addition we work in cooperation with teachers, parents and students to create for each student the best possible learning environment.

Finally, in schools like Florida Prep students are likely to make good decisions.  However, we all make mistakes.  Our philosophy is that, when students make poor decisions, they create a learning opportunity for themselves and a teaching opportunity for our faculty and staff.  This is also a part of providing education in life skills. Our goal is always that students learn lessons that will stay with them for life.

Jay Gideon

Dean of Students

1950 Academy Drive
Melbourne, FL 32901

Phone: (321) 723–3211
Toll Free: (877) 422–2338

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